TheftNotifier 1.0

Protect your mobile from getting stolen


  • Detects SIM card info
  • Automatically sends SMS
  • Backs up your data


  • A bit difficult to set up

Very good

Mobile phone theft is something everybody is aware of, and has suffered or at least knows somebody that has. Except if you had the latest brand new model, or an exceptionally pricey one, the worst is more often losing all your contacts and messages. TheftNotifier is built to protect data in your mobile phone from an indiscreet thief.

The application can backup all your SMS' and contacts and protect them with a password. If activated the application will perform numerous operations to alert you. It will analyze the thief's SIM card (if he's stupid enough to put it in the phone) to find his details like network and contact number. You'll have to make sure you set some destination numbers (not your mobile phone number!) that the stolen device can send the info to. Even if the thief shuts down the phone, the application will send you an SMS as soon as its restarted. Although TheftNotifier can be a bit difficult to set up, once it's up and running it will be literally invisible, ideal for stealth monitoring.

TheftNotifier is an advanced solution to protect your phone's data in case it gets stolen. It can also notify you of who stole your device.

Mobile phone theft has been one of the common crimes on the street. With this software, you are adding some security to your mobile phones.

TheftNotifier is an innovative lost & found anti-theft software program that sends the thief's contact number, location and other details to pre-defined mobile phone numbers when your device is lost or stolen!

The program works quietly in the mobile phone by automatically checking on the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card without the knowledge of the unauthorized user. It will send out 3 alert SMS Text messages (local/worldwide) containing IMEI, IMSI, Network Name, Network Identity, Cell ID, Country Code, and Area Code using the person's SIM card to the pre-defined mobile phone numbers.

TheftNotifier is installed invisibly on your mobile phone and recognizes any exchange of the SIM card within the phone. TheftNotifier cannot be seen even in Default list of applications.

Invisibility is important, as - if the thief notices that the software will identify him/her, he or she would immediately throw away the phone and you would never get it back.

TheftNotifier sends SMS on every restart (i.e. on every SIM change), within seconds, if the user is unauthorized.

We understand the importance of your data that’s why TheftNotifier backs up all your contacts and SMS from Inbox on every SIM change. Only the Authorized user can restore the Contacts and SMS. Your phone may be in wrong hands but not your data.

Infinite numbers of SIM cards are supported. Password protection is provided to ensure no unauthorized access to the TheftNotifier.

Password is highly secured with high grade of encryption technology.
Leave worries behind of cracking your password by others.

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TheftNotifier 1.0

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